APEX English Teacher: Mrs. Shetenhelm

Email: ashetenhelm@rsu14.org

Current courses: English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12

Periods: 1, 5, 7

See Google Classroom for daily agendas and assignments.

All English courses within APEX are standards-based. This means students must show mastery in each of the graduation standards taught to pass the course. Here are the 6 English graduation standards.

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Here is a list of the English standards and expectations for each grade level:

Students will keep a portfolio of the work that demonstrates proficiency of each standard. Because work will be individualized, students will have the choice of which texts to read, write about, and discuss.


Students may have choice in selecting their texts, but they will have to make sure their choices are at the appropriate reading level. Each student will complete a reading assessment (SRI) that will identify that student’s lexile. Students will then be expected to choose books that are within and a little above their range. Here is a website — lexile.com — that helps identify whether a text is at the appropriate level for that reading level. Also, each title on our APEX website will have a number next to it that identifies the book’s lexile. Keep in mind this evaluation is just for the level of vocabulary and complexity of the sentences, it does not rate the content of the text. A book may have a lower lexile, but it may deal with some difficult/adult content, so choosing the right book for the student will be determined on a number of factors, not only the lexile.

Here are some reading options. Click on the book cover for the webpage of reading schedule and assignments:





the crucible book cover


The Great Gatsby


Go Ask Alice