APEX Referral Process & Application

Prerequisites to enroll in APEX:

     Student must be:

  • College-1920x1078strongly motivated to graduate high school.
  • capable of the academic level of coursework and pace demonstrated in traditional classrooms at WHS.
  • willing and able to work independently or in small groups.
  • accepting and considerate of others in a small learning environment.
  • able to advocate for his/her learning plan.
  • reflective and completely honest when assessing his/her learning strengths, deficits, and needs.

Referral Process:

  1. A referral for the APEX program can be made by a student, his/her parent, a guidance counselor, teacher, case manager, or administrator by talking with the student’s counselor.
  2. The counselor gives the student an APEX application. The student and parent/guardian reviews the APEX program expectations within the application packet.
  3. Student fills out and completes the application form, making sure a parent/guardian signs the application.
  4. The application is returned to the student’s counselor in Student Services. The counselor will contact Mrs. Shetenhelm.
  5. The APEX program’s Referral Team* will then review the application, rank it based on the current wait list of students, and the student’s counselor will arrange an interview with the APEX program teacher.
  6. Students/parent/guardian are then informed if the student has been admitted to the program or not.
  7. The guidance counselor will complete a credit check sheet with student and provide a copy to the APEX teacher before the student begins APEX. This sheet will inform APEX teacher what courses and standards student needs to work on while in APEX.
  8. The APEX program staff will review each student’s efforts within the first 15 school days  he or she is within the program . If the student demonstrates all expectations of the program during the probationary period, the student will continue within the program. Students not meeting behavioral or academic expectations will be returned to the mainstream. This may occur during the first 15 day probationary period, but the APEX staff will also check in on a quarterly basis.

*Referral Team may include some (if not all): APEX teacher(s), principal, assistant principal(s), guidance counselor, social worker, current teachers, case manager

Click here for the NEW PDF version of the APEX Application 2016 PDF