The Windham High School APEX Program is an alternative, independent learning community that serves approximately 25 WHS students in grades 11-12. Students accepted into this program have demonstrated a need for a more personalized approach to learning.

     The program works to help students meet the graduation requirements outlined in the WHS Planning Guide through offering both a  standards-based approach to education as well as online learning opportunities. Students are required to take a hands-on approach to their education deciding on areas of interest and creating personal learning plans with their teacher to meet the required standards and expectations. Students must have the motivation and self-direction to accomplish these expectations. Although this program provides a non-traditional learning experience, the content of courses is held to the same high expectations for students’ academic performance and overall behavior as the rest of the WHS learning community. APEX is designed to support students as they develop their confidence, talents, skills, and knowledge in order to graduate from WHS prepared for the world of tomorrow.

Do you have questions about the program?

Please email me at ashetenhelm@rsu14.org

OR fill out the form below.

** The website pages that include assignments are password protected.

Contact me for the password or see the sign in our classroom. Thanks.


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